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Guido Gellermann, Owner

Guido Gellermann, Owner


Guido has been owner of the garage since 2010. He has a very close relationship to this garage. His father started this business and Guido grew up over here. You can say his apprenticeship is part of his life and this is the reason why he is very knowledgeable about vehicle repair, restauration and painting. As our boss he doesn´t confine hisself to administrative work, he plays an active part in all working areas of the garage. If your vehicle has a problem he is going to solve it - he never gives up.

He completed his apprenticeship as BODY AND VEHICLE BUILDER successfully in 1999. He was trained by his father, senior owner Alfons Gellermann.

Your contact for: Offers, estimates for insurances, all kind of repair work, all kind of painting work

Adam Malaschitzki, Master Craftsman

Adam Malaschitzki, Master Craftsman


He is doing fantastic, high quality repair and restoration work on all kinds and age groups of vehicle. His professional expertise includes servicing, inspection work and repair. Adam has been working in this garage for 8 years and rejoined our team in January 2016 after his further education.

Like Guido he was apprenticed by Alfons Gellermann as BODY AND VEHICLE BUILDER and passed his final examination in 2011. In December 2015 he finished an education as master craftsman.

Your contact for: Offers for service work and inspection, diagnosis, all kinds of repair

Karin Gellermann, Office

Karin Gellermann, Office

- ... BIG / LITTLE SISTER ... -

Karin takes care about everything that belongs to the office. In general she is the first person on the phone and responsible for the customer service and the one who parts you from your cash.

Karin joined the team in 2014. She has worked as TECHNICAL DRAUGHTSMAN for more than 15 years. Though she likes her qualified job she decided to start a new career in familiy business.

Your contact for: Appointments, information, offer for standard services, data request