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30.08.2017, 12:04

Holiday season September 2017

Our holiday season will start in September. We will be present for you during the whole season but the vacation related stuff shortage may chause extended waiting periods. We will be less available by phone...   mehr

09.08.2017, 14:41


On 01.08.2017 two apprentices joined our team. We have the pleasure to support Thomas Berndt und Florian Hadzija entering their career. Both have started an apprenticeship as mechanics, the German Job title is...   mehr

20.06.2017, 14:26

Thursday, 22.06.2017 & Friday, 23.06.2017 - office not occupied

Thursday, 22.06.2017 and Friday, 23.06.2017 our availability via telephone is limited because the office is not occupied on these days. We apologise for any inconvenience.   mehr

08.06.2017, 11:58

Our new collegue

On Wednesday, 07.07.2017 our new collegue Bekim Kabashi joined up with us. We are happy to welcome him as our new painter.   mehr

10.05.2017, 17:40

In CW 20 (15.05.2017 - 19.05.2017) we modified the dates for general insection.

In CW 20 Mr Jägersberg (GTÜ) our responsible testing engineer is on holiday. During this week Mr Kühnel (GTÜ) will fill in for him. For this reason we have to modify the dates as mentioned below: MO 15.05.2017...   mehr

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